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Trenchless Technologies

CC Underground has been installing all types of underground utilities through use of trenchless methods for three decades. Trenchless methods, also known as directional drilling or HDD, can be used to install all types of utilities including water, power, fuel, telecom, and both forced and on grade sewers ranging in sizes from ¾” services to large diameter mains and steel casings. 


Directional drilling is the answer to installing utilities under any obstacle including rivers, railways, highways, environmentally sensitive lands, and more along a predetermined path with little to no disruption to the area where traditional open trenching would be costly, invasive, inconvenient, or simply impossible.


Our dedicated HDD staff are passionate about drilling and thrive on overcoming challenges while offering and delivering solutions to our clients needs utilizing the industries most up to date equipment available. Our staff and management has decades of experience to get your job done right the first time.

Get a quote: (705) 327.2751
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