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Hydrovac Excavation and Flushing

CC Underground understands that a successful job is measured not only by the installed products quality, but, by protecting other existing utilities, staff and the public alike.


Hydrovac excavation is a safe method of excavation that uses high pressure water to break up soils while a high powered vacuum removes the mud left behind. Hydrovac excavation is a non destructive form of excavation that allows us to excavate the ground without damaging existing utilities, tree roots or ground surface in the area of excavation with minimal soil lost. It is also used for environmentally sensitive area to remove drill fluids, contaminated soils/spills or to clean out catch basins and storm sewers. Hydrovac units are essential if digging around existing infrastructure is too risky. Our team excels at hydrovac excavation to safely expose buried utilities, frozen ground excavation, curb stop repair, slot trenching and clean up of everything from personnel maintenance access holes to train derailments.


Our fleet of hydrovac trucks and flusher trucks allow us to offer in-house support to all our utility installation teams as well as working with our clients independently. CC Underground is proud to offer our hydrovac support teams certified by the M.O.E. (Ministry of Environment) for contaminated soil haulage and offer units on high rail gear for work in the rail industry.

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