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Deep Services - Water and Sewer

CC Underground places water and sewer pipes daily: both forced main and gravity fed. Directional drilling is often the preferred method as it does not disturb the surface and allows for a less costly and much cleaner installation. The minimal clean up after drilling will save money as there will be no need to fix driveways, replace trees, and provide landscaping.


CC Underground has several rigs specializing in a small 30” wide footprint and extremely compact size. These rigs allow access to small yards in order to install private water services from the well or water main on the street directly into the desired location of the building with very minimal disturbance. In most cases we can actually drill from your well or curb stop at the road directly under your house or obstruction into the desired room (utility, furnace or otherwise) with little intrusion.


In addition, we can place both forced main and on grade sewer lines with our highly sophisticated electronic tracking equipment that allows us to track and steer to the exact desired hook-up location. Our experts have the knowledge and training to complete precision shots from the house to the hook-up without digging holes or breaking ground in between. This technology also allows us to place lines under roads, driveways and structures without issue.


Water Line Services

We offer a complete line of water service installations from open-cut water main installs to directional drilling installs. We also offer complete services from main placement to the service hook-ups. As well, we offer compact units to drill from the city curb stop, directly into the desired location inside a building or location with pinpoint accuracy and next to no surface disturbance.


Lake Fed Water Lines

At CC Underground, we have developed and promoted the installation of water lines feeding from either a river or lake. We have developed and fabricated a special galvanized stand which is placed at the intake side of the line allowing the pump or foot valve to remain off the bottom of the lake to ensure that dirt or gravel is not picked up. The stand is constructed from galvanized steel and will last a lifetime.


We can drill from almost any location of your property out into the river or lake to a desired location - usually around six feet or more in depth. We then pull in either one or two pipes, depending on application. At this time we can either drill into the desired location in your house or a trench as requested.


Lake fed water lines are, on average, much more cost effective to install and the water quality is predictable (same as in-lake) which is often much better than your neighbour's well.


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