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Equipment Rentals

Currently, CCUnderground offers two options for heavy equipment rentals. For further information about our rentals or to book, please contact or by phone 705.627.9462.

14 Ton Excavator for Rent (three available)

Komatsu; PC138USLC-11 Excavators

This excavator has similar digging and lifting power as most standard

competitive excavators and has an easy-to-use engine and hydraulic

control technology that improves operational efficiency and lowers fuel

consumption by up to 4%. It has a short swing radius which makes it ideal

for spaces where a conventional excavator will not fit. It is also

equipped with six working modes and each mode is designed to

match engine speed, pump flow, and system pressure to the application.

*prices available upon request


Haulage available for an extra fee.



  • Net Horsepower: 97.2 HP @ 2050 rpm (72.5 kW @ 2050 rpm)

  • Operating Weight: 34,563-37,547 lb (15,682 – 17,032 kg)

  • Bucket Capacity: 0.34-1.00 yd3 (0.26-0.76 m3)

  • Large LCD Color Monitor Panel with a rear-view monitoring system

  • Equipped with two speed travel

  • A high drawbar pull for work in wet or muddy conditions

  • Front Implement Swing Radius: 6’6” (1980mm)

  • Tail Swing Radius: 5’1” (1545mm)

  • Excellent all-around visibility


Also Includes:

  • 24” Triple Grouser Shoes

  • 15’1” Mono Boom with aux Hydraulics

  • 8’2” Arm Assembly with aux Hydraulics

  • Hydraulic Control Unit

  • 8’6” Dozer Blade Assembly with Edge

  • 36” GP Bucket with Teeth or 55” Smooth Bucket

450 John Deere Dozer

Engine: EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV diesel (PowerTech PWS 4045)

Cab: Cab-forward design allows a full view behind, below and beyond

the blade; as well as side and rear visibility is open to the surrounding

job site. Keyless start, turbocharger cool-down, auto shutdown and Eco

Mode (will automatically adjust engine rpm and powertrain settings

based on load, without loss of performance). Total Machine Control

allows you to customize control of decelerator mode and response,

forward/reverse ground speed, steering modulation, and forward/reverse

speed ratios.


Haulage available for an extra fee.



  • Infinity Variable Range to 9.7km/h (6.0 mph) – this allows total

       flexibility to match ground speed to the load.

  • Engine Output – Net, kW (hp): 60 (80)

  • Rated Speed, rpm: 2200

  • Height – Max, mm (ft/in): 2799 (9ft 2in)

  • Ground Clearance, mm (in): 329 (13)

  • Blade Type – Power-Angle-Tilt

  • Displacement – 4.5L (276

  • Net Peak Torque – 354Nm (261ft. –lb.) at 1,400 rpm

  • Travel Speeds – forward and reverse (8.0km/h (5.0mph))

  • Operating Weight – 7959kg (17,512 lb.)


*please note it does NOT have a ripper

*prices available upon request

John Deere Dozer_Rental_CCUnderground 2.jpeg
John Deere Dozer_Rental_CCUnderground.jpeg
Get a quote: (705) 627.9462
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